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The Shop

The Bonnie Fly is an Etsy Shop specializing in Professional Illustration, including Illustrated Taxidermy, Fishing Fine Art, and Commissioned Pet Artwork. We now offer custom digital design and illustration for your every need. Digitally produced graphics we create can be incorporated in web design, shirt design, social media, logos, and products. For estimates on these offers see the contact window below to request the development of your creative idea. To view the shop, click the link below.

The Inspiration

Starting in 2015, I began producing artwork inspired by my fishing obsession. I began sketching and painting my fishing adventures in high school. Recreating every special catch gave me the opportunity to bring the special memories to life.

It is my hope that each work produced inspires the recollection of those great moments. Through my unique Illustrated Taxidermy, I hope to promote the catch and release of the fish we hold so dear to our hearts. This opportunity can give anglers further incentive to allow the “once-in-a-lifetime” catches to reproduce and sustain our local fisheries.

I am excited to provide this to fishermen everywhere with my Etsy Shop. As we have grown, we have expanded to digital graphics, illustration, and design. I have been able to extend this service as well as custom pastel, pencil, and charcoal pieces to fishermen and pet owners across the country. It has been incredibly rewarding recreating memorable pieces for those who share the same passions.


The Artist


Fishing developed close observation. Biological Sciences fostered an appreciation of the natural world and conservation. Medicine illustrated the value of humility and understanding. Artwork reflects the experiences.

My name is Brandon Finnorn, and I am the artist and author of The Bonnie Fly. I have spent most of my life living along the Gulf Coast. I developed an obsessive passion of fishing, birding, wildlife, and cooking. My fishing life began at the age of 2 on the worn wooden planks of the Dauphin Island Pier. While in my hometown, Mobile, AL, I had the opportunity to fish in many unique environments, including marshland, rivers, inshore, and offshore. My summers consisted of weekly, if not daily, trips to destinations like Mobile Bay, Fowl River, Bayou la Batre, and Dauphin Island.

Since those early days, I developed my curiosity through my education at Louisiana State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. This was later reinforced through earning a Medical Doctorate at the University of South Alabama. I now reside in Pittsburgh with my wife, Bonnie, who serves as the inspiration for this site and shop.



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Have a question or need a quote for a custom illustration? Email us (thebonniefly@gmail.com) by writing and submitting in the comment section below.

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