Every restaurant along the Gulf Coast, and now many chains around the country, serve their own version of fish tacos. Some use coleslaw, others avocado and salsa. Everyone boasts their own special sauce. If done correctly, this dish can make an amazing meal. And as an added bonus, there is no requirement for utensils! For seafood lovers, this makes the best party snack. After preparing this handheld wonder, you will be left questioning why you ever cooked fish any differently. Mix this with a few beers and some sides, and what seemed to be enough fish for one turns into a meal for three or four people.

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Fish Taco Ingredients

The secret of a great fish taco is balancing the tortilla and ingredients with a well-seasoned fillet. The soft, flaky seafood also needs a prominent sauce and crunch to balance the textures. Without these added details, the tacos will simply be handheld mush. Fresh ingredients are also a must. I always use fish that have been caught either the same day or within a few days prior. It is never frozen, and has that pink translucent color you want. Avoid any canned salsa or store bought coleslaw if you want to impress guests.

As one of my more popular dishes, the recipe below combines the fresh seafood of the Gulf with a Louisiana-Cajun kick. This is brought on by the flavor of the Louisiana-brand hot sauce and Cajun seasoning, Tony Chachere’s. Additionally, I prefer to use Chef Preudhomme’s Black Steak Magic over his Redfish Blackening seasoning. Combining all of these flavors, there will hardly ever be leftovers.

My preferred fillets include speckled trout (fresh off the ice, NEVER FROZEN), redfish, or mahi mahi. Small mangrove snapper, vermilion snapper, and grouper are also very tasty. The idea is to have a white-meat fish that can absorb the flavor of the blackening seasoning. To accomplish the best result, I prefer to have fillets that are sliced at an inch and a half thickness. Take care not to season a soaking wet fillet. The seasoning will be lost without patting the meat dry with paper towel.

This recipe calls for a lot of corn and black bean salsa. There is a good chance you will have leftovers. Add some avocado and chopped cilantro, and you have the perfect tortilla chip topper. Just try your best to avoid eating it all in one sitting.

I hope you find this recipe as good as advertised. Comment on the bottom of the page to share your experience!

Cajun, Blackened Fish Tacos

Prep time: 20 minutes / Cook time: 10 minutes / Serves: depends on amount of fish

White fish meat (trout, redfish, tilapia, snapper), fresh, cut 1 1/2 inch thick
Chef Preudhomme’s Steak Magic Seasoning, or blackening seasoning of your choice
1 can of whole yellow corn, drained
1 can of black beans, drained
1 diced tomato, soft seeded inside removed
½ medium yellow onion, diced
1 tbsp of vinegar
Tony Chachere’s Seasoning
Flour tortillas
Chopped lettuce, I use romaine for the crunchy texture
Shredded pepper jack cheese
½ cup ketchup
½ cup mayo
½ cup of Louisiana brand hot sauce (yes, that much)

Side note: Make sure to wash fish fillets well, and pat dry with paper towel before seasoning. This helps the seasoning stick and improves the outer crust you want to create on the outside of the fillet.

Directions: Start by dicing yellow onion, tomato, and mix in bowl with can of corn, beans, and tablespoon of vinegar. Add Tony’s for taste. In a separate bowl, mix ketchup, mayo, hot sauce and add Tony’s for taste. This will be your fixings and sauce. Place them in the refrigerator while you cook the fish. Preheat a skillet to medium to high heat with a layer of olive oil. Wash fish fillets and pat dry. Coat both sides thoroughly with blackening seasoning, while seasoning one side with Tony’s. When the skillet has had time to heat evenly, place fillets on oil and cook each side 3-4 minutes. In a separate skillet, heat a small amount of olive oil or vegetable oil and fry the tortillas lightly on each side. Careful, they can burn quickly. Remove and plate. Place lettuce in tortillas. Place fish on top. Add mixed salsa and shredded cheese. Finally, drizzle the sauce over the top and serve. Enjoy!

Comment below with your experience!

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