PEE-CAN or PiCAWN? Definitely the latter if you’re from the South and prefer to say it correctly. With our ice chest continually full with speckled trout, there is always need for another recipe. This delicious recipe goes well with any white meat fish, and it will never disappoint.

Etsy 2

Lemon zest, flour, buttermilk, and crushed pecans make for an amazing flavor for the table. This unique twist on battering trout will give you a filling meal that can stretch a couple of fillets into a meal for 4-5. You will find this recipe somewhat similar to trout almondine from the previous post, but the lemon kick really makes a difference.

Lemon Pecan Trout

Prep Time: 3 min / Cook Time: 10 min / 1 medium fillet serves 1-2 with sides

1 Lemon
1 cup of crushed pecans (finely crushed)
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 1/2 cup of flour
Salt and pepper for taste
2-3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp of butter
fresh thyme sprigs
White meat fillets (About room temperature at cooking time)

Directions: Prep all ingredients and preheat oil in pan at medium-high heat. Place crushed pecans and 1/2 grated lemon zest and mix well into a bowl. Place flour in separate bowl. Place 1/2 cup of buttermilk in separate bowl (you can substitute with egg wash). Pat fillets dry and add to flour, covering completely on both sides. Soak fillets quickly in buttermilk and toss into the pecan/lemon mixture. After preheating the olive oil onto a pan on medium-high heat, place fillets on hot oil and cook 3 minutes on each side until golden brown. For added richness, melt 3 tbsp butter and add thyme in the pan and continually spoon melted butter/oil/thyme mixture onto the surface of the fish during cooking. If fillets are thick, you may need to cook them extra for 5-10 min in the oven at 325 degrees. Once cooked, and while fillets are hot, add salt and pepper to greasy surface of the fish for taste (this will allow the seasoning to soak in). I personally substitute Tony’s for the salt. Be sure to squeeze lemon juice on the cooked fillets while plating.

Side note: This is a heavy, rich recipe. It is best served with lighter/fruity sides to balance the meal.

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