Beach Predation – Topwater Speckled Trout

For most, nature shows are the closest they will come to viewing a predator attacking prey. Full high definition television makes the conflict between the hunter and hunted even closer to reality. If you are a saltwater enthusiast, you are well aware that there are many similar thrills to be found on the water. Over [...]

Stethoscope to Sketchpad – My Journey to Becoming an Illustrator

It's been almost a year since I last stepped foot into a patient room. It feels like a lifetime ago. On the surface, switching from a physician to an illustrator seems backwards and unimaginable. I'm not sure anyone could have guessed the 180 degree turn my life has taken over the past year. What I do know for certain, is that I have never regretted my decision to leave medicine in pursuit of a different passion. Here is how and why The Bonnie Fly came to be, what has inspired me to create, and why I will never look back.

Catch Bigger Inshore Red Snapper

Private reefs and 300-mile gas tank ranges are nice, but in reality the average boat owner lacks both of these things. This isn't a reason to believe that big, 20-lb snapper are out of your reach. With the season extended into the weekend in federal waters, you don't have to venture far to find numerous snapper. The trick is avoiding the barely-legal bait thieves.

Trout Almondine: Turning those speck fillets into a restaurant quality meal

It's always a treat to have a cooler full of fresh speckled trout fillets. The capture of your own meal is rewarding, and now it's up to you to impress those at home with your culinary skills. Simple, quick, and rich. The ideal recipe for the novice includes all of these elements. The impulse of a Southern-bred "chef" may be to buy some vegetable oil, fish fry, and eggs and deep fry the white meat to oblivion. While this is a nice, addicting taste for any dinner table looking to boost trans fat and calories, I'm here to tell you there is an equally unhealthy but more delicious way to prepare these spotted beauties.

ADSFR Success: Making the most of the tournament weekend

Stifling heat, slime, and fish stench! It's the sign of a great day on Dauphin Island. Every summer,  for as far back as I can remember, the joy of the long vacation reached its pinnacle in mid to late July.  This portion of the year was marked by the arrival of the Roy Martin Young [...]

Spanish Mackerel: The Overlooked Grocery

Twitch, twitch, reel. Twitch, twitch, reel. Twitch, slack? Anglers along the Gulf Coast know this scenario far too well. The Spanish Mackerel have arrived and now have stolen your favorite lure without so much as a hint of pressure. They start ravaging the schools of bait and nipping off every spare piece of monofilament attached to something flashy. Every shrimp cast out is now doomed to a quick end. It's one of the few pains of inshore fishing, particularly near deeper areas. To most, it's a sure sign to switch tactics and move elsewhere. But, if I have room on my stringer or in the ice chest, I make sure to make a few additions. Here's why.

Boneless Cajun Andouille and Seafood Stuffed Flounder: The Real Deal

Today is my birthday! In celebration of that memorable Earth Day in 1990, here is the most popular dish I have ever created and perfected. Throw away that recipe for stuffed flounder that is gracing your cookbook. This recipe will put it to shame. Flaky, fresh flounder. Andouille sausage. Crab meat. Gulf shrimp. Creamy butter. Need I say more? The best part is: it's good for you.

Treat Your Fillets Right – Seafood Abuse Awareness

Shrimp, oysters, crabs and fish. Blackened, fried, baked, grilled, and stuffed. Seafood can be enjoyable to catch and a versatile entrée for the dinner table. If you were raised catching, cleaning, and preparing your own wild-caught seafood, you can fully appreciate real, fresh quality fillets. The frozen, gray, and poor examples of "fresh" will stand out like a sore thumb. Not everyone has the advantage of capturing their own Gulf protein. Even the most seasoned anglers can sometimes unknowingly treat there catch poorly. Unfortunately, on a few occasions I have learned the hard way from neglecting ice, improperly freezing, and keeping fillets a little too long. Trust me, the taste and quality suffers from poor care. Here are a few quick pointers guide you through choosing the best quality seafood at the store and caring for the catch from your most recent adventure.

Trout, Tides, Tackle – Quick Guide to Alabama’s Speckled Trout

From late March to early summer the trout along the coastal waters of Alabama will begin their spawn. With consistent warm temperatures, the chances of bringing home dinner from the canals, rivers, and beaches on the Gulf Coast are rising. For some, this may be an exciting time. Specks ranging from 18-26 inches with bellies full of eggs are about to swarm the beaches and inland, aggressively awaiting a topwater lure. For others, this phenomenon may seem foreign and out of reach. But don’t despair! Large trout are within the grasp of every angler on our waters. Here are a few tips to help you improve your Spring experience:

Blackening Seafood- The Basics

It isn't rocket science. It's blackening a piece of fish meat. Just char the heck out of with Tony's and butter right? Wrong. While the blackening style frequents menus and dinner tables, this method of cooking should be carefully undertaken to avoid ruining an otherwise perfectly planned meal. Follow a few basic principles about blackening seafood, and you will never served an over-salted fillet or crustacean to an unsuspecting victim.